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Marie Mbouni 

From Medical Doctor to Entheogen Shaman, Dr. Marie Mbouni offers her wisdom and guidance as a Clarity Coach working online and in-person with private clients and groups.

Marie is the Founder of Reclaim Your Soul Power, and has worked one on one with some of the top thought leaders of our time.

Marie offers transformational journeys for evolutionary leaders, changemakers, and visionaries wanting to step into their greatness, creativity, magnetic power, and purpose, so that they can lead from a place of heart-centeredness and deep intuition.

Marie, is the author of Reclaim Your Gifts, and co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary, and has been featured alongside Julia Cameron, Flora Bowley, HeatherAsh Amara and Sofiah Thom.

The answer is always Love
Books & Meditations  by Marie
Check out my chapter... Reclaiming Our Cycles
The New Feminine Evolutionary is a groundbreaking book: revealing in total for the first time the deep essences that run throughout this movement of women who are changing the world. This book is bold, fearless, and resonates with honesty. Each author brings her unique slice of essence to a chapter with stories and wisdom, as a special gift to the reader—reaching out a hand and lighting the way for her to step onto the path of transformation. 
Jodie Jaimes
Nurturing Guide | WILD SACRED LOVE
Creative Director | EXPRESS YOUR SOUL
(Creator of this SOUL Site

Marie is a ray of positivity here to heal the world and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.   Marie's healing sessions, intuition, and guidance transform people's lives. If you are ready to step into your greatness, reclaim your gifts and say YES to more love in your life, I highly recommend working with Marie to make the shift you desire.  Get ready to work with a true ambassador of love whose joy is contagious

Sofiah Thom
Dance Therapist | Yoga Teacher
Co/Founder Envision Festival | Costa Rica
Love Tribe
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